Manage IT & OA Infrastructure like never before!

NetValence delivers business value by ensuring IT infrastructure is always up and running.

Save Money, Conserve Energy, Earn Carbon Credits!

NetValence automatically switches off Desktops, IP Phones & Wi-FI Points, making your IT Greener.

Desktop Management

NetValence enhances desktop efficiency with several modular tools for desktop management.

Customer Interacton Management

The better customer interaction management solution with simplified online customer support

Desktop Management

Energy Management - An inexpensive & effortless way to Go Green!

  • Maximize power savings by automatically shutting down network connected devices
  • Centralized reporting with granular control
  • Realistic power saving reports, reflecting near accuracy
  • Reduce global warming & minimize your carbon footprint
  • Very quick Return on Investment

Customer Interaction Management

For the Enterprise

  • ITIL based incident management life-cycle with a flexible work-flow
  • Fine grained permission control for both agents and end user roles

For Service Providers

  • Web based master helpdesk integrating multiple helpdesks or multiple instances for a unified skill based and load based routing.
  • Adapters available for Remedy, Salesforce, HP, Servicedesk. Others can be built on demand.

Desktop Management

Software Asset & Usage Management

  • Track different types of software like managed, prohibited and open source. Also tracks different types of licenses such as individual, enterprise & OEM.
  • Maintain software compliance for all managed software based on installations and purchased licenses; notifications sent on compliance violations
  • Software Metering to identify usage in each machine, redundant application installations & relocation of unused software.
  • Remote Control & Support for desktops

Infrastructure Management

  • Monitoring of Availability, Performance and State of IT & OA Infrastructure
  • Increased productivity through automation & exception based management
  • Out-of-the-box decision analytics including real-time dashboards
  • Supports distributed heterogeneous deployments

Desktop Management

Data Protection & Policy Management

  • Real-time tracking and alerts based on configuration and system policy thresholds
  • Detect unauthorized installation and use of software
  • Enable or disable ports as per corporate policies. Avoid USB data theft
  • Remote Control & Support for desktops

Asset Tracking and Management

  • Track the complete lifecycle of an asset with audit trails providing insights into changes like asset states, owners, users and relationships.
  • Tracks all purchases & contracts for different asset types with notifications on contract expiry.
  • Reduce software audit expenses with on-demand audits and report on compliance.


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