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JaMocha Tech

JaMocha Tech is a software product innovation & Solution Engineering Company that develops high impact, enterprise — class software products and applications for small, medium and large enterprises. The JaMocha Tech strategy is to develop re-usable standardized software platforms and modular components that can be quickly assembled and customized to client needs.

JaMocha Tech specializes in every aspect of the product development life cycle. JaMocha Tech's portfolio includes NetValence — an application platform and suite of software products that add substantial management control and effectiveness in infrastructure management, metering, analytics and integration.

Future IP

JaMocha is a part of the FutureIp ecosystem of companies. Future IP Labs is a customer-centric cluster of tightly-integrated technology products and services companies. FutureIP provides Intellectual Property based Technology Services through a synergy of its own Products and Services. We have created niche product and service offerings for specific problem areas that have been identified with our vast and deep experience spanning a few decades.

Future IP's customer-centric approach ensures that you are able to leverage infrastructure, technology and energy in new ways and generate synergy through integration of technology & business needs, and therefore be more agile, responsive, effective and competitive.

Our service philosophy is to leverage technologies in new ways to generate synergy through integration of functions and processes. Our service offering includes IT Transformation Services, Solution Engineering Services, Digital Infrastructure Consulting, IT Operational Governance, Transformational IT Management, Sustainable Living and Mobility on-Demand Services.

FutureIP's philosophy is to create the future today, by working together effectively to co-create value with innovative yet simple solutions that impact businesses and clients in a positive way. The company is driven by its mission to create substantial value for its clients and customers in every facet of engagement. This is achieved by leveraging technology in ways not done before, creating synergy through integration in every sphere, engineering additional value into every deliverable and by taking ownership of customer and stakeholder outcomes.