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NetValence EcoBuddy

EcoBuddy desktop is a client-server application that runs as a service allowing an administrator to control the power state of networked desktops .The software provides several features that extend a computer's ability to lower its energy consumption without impacting user or IT processes.


Intelligent Power Management:

  • Power policies for multiple levels of power management on specified times & days
  • Schedule Wake-on-LAN to ensure machine availability to apply system updates
  • Auto Evaluation of exceptions for idle-time, user log-in & critical processes prior to a power management action
  • Auto discovery of power consumption profiles applicable to each device
  • Alerts user before a power down allowing them to manage unsaved applications
  • Support for multiple states of low power such as standby, hibernate and shut down
  • Allows users to temporarily abort a scheduled turn off

Flexible Scheduling:

  • Administrators can centrally define, edit and manage power policies.
  • Flexible to the extent of defining very granular policies to effect specific groups, locations, divisions, floors as well as individual systems.
  • Different levels of energy management that cab be applied on specific days of the week and at different times of the day.
  • Role based administration for fine-grained control.

Power Baseline for near accuracy and absolute effectiveness:

  • Power baseline to ensure near accurate power consumption pattern.
  • Reference for future analysis and reporting.
  • Basis for all power policy definitions and improvements.

Dashboard and Reporting:

  • Energy consumption and savings dashboard for power, cost and carbon footprint saving.
  • Green scale providing power policy comparisons for analysis and improvements for additional savings.
  • Power target analysis to measure current achievement against defined goals.
  • Desktop asset analysis classified by vendor type, power usage etc for ease of administration.