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Infrastructure Management

In recent years, companies have worked hard to reduce the cost of the IT infrastructure—the data centres, networks, databases, and software tools that support businesses. Yet even the most effective cost-cutting program eventually hits a wall: the complexity of the infrastructure itself.

From McKinsey Quarterly: Managing next-generation IT infrastructure

Infrastructure Management is an IT and Office Automation Infrastructure availability, state and performance monitoring & management tool that facilitates real-time and proactive monitoring and management along with automated actions.


Minimize IT risks with proactive scanning, health checks, reporting & automated action!

  • Address IT issues in a comprehensive, easy-to-use & cost-effective manner
  • Increased productivity through automation and exception- based management
  • Low cost of ownership with small footprint and embedded database
  • Quick to deploy, easy to manage & maintain

Availability, State & Performance Monitoring

NetValence Infrastructure Management helps CIOs and IT Managers cope with the complex task of real-time monitoring and reporting of Availability, State & Performance metrics and relevant historical analytics.

Real-Time & Historical Analytics

Embedded analytics relating to availability, performance and service levels improves visibility and reduces manual effort. Infrastructure Management provides out-of-the-box decision analytics in the form of real-time dashboards, historical trend reports and event details.

Line of Business Correlation

Line of business correlation makes businesses more responsive. It improves the business value of investments by correlating polled data with line of business, hierarchy or geography, showing the impact of IT Infrastructure on the business.