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The Need for Support

All our products are built for very high levels of reliability. Thus, most often they do not demand traditional support. But we do understand that not so normal circumstances do occur and our support is tailored to meet those circumstances.

  • Need for isolating environmental issues.
  • Functionality related issues, occurring at specific instances
  • Upgradation of environment or product features
  • Integration with newer devices

The importance of support is felt under such not so normal conditions. This is the ownership and responsiveness that will be offered by JaMocha Tech.

NetValence Tech support offers a 24-hour online access to help desk and normal work day access (through Chat, Telephone and email) to support staff.

These services are always available free of charge within warranty or annuity lease periods to resolve the most common issues as well as not so common issues and assure your products are actively delivering you value.